Does your urgent ‘To-do’ list overwhelm the more important things in your life?

Does your urgent ‘To-do’ list overwhelm the more important things in your life?

Do you ever get that feeling, the more we do, the more there is to do? And often, how really important things in life – like going out taking pictures – get overwhelmed by less important but more urgent tasks?

I’ve just arranged to meet up for a beer with my old buddy Chris Morgan. It was Chris who introduced me to bears all those years ago, which suddenly reminded me that I hadn’t written about my recent experiences with the bears of Katmai National Park – something that’s important to me and which I’d promised at the end of the last newsletter.

I think sometimes it’s only when we stop completely and become mindful of ourselves that we remember what is truly valuable to us.

That’s what I experienced in Alaska this year. The outside world just stopped! A great beauty of Katmai is the utter isolation. There’s no phone signal, no WiFi, no radio or TV; no newspapers or any of the “noise” that gets in the way of just being. It’s you and the wilderness … and the bears.

And boy, were there bears! I had everything, from sparring sub-adults to big lumbering dominant males to mothers with newborn cubs. On one occasion a mother left her cubs with our group while she went off fishing. Can you imagine? A bear using humans to keep her cubs safe!

It’s for these moments that I do this job. They remind me who I am and why I became a wildlife photographer; they take me back to what I value most and cherish more.

Moments – that is what we create with our cameras.

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