What really matters

What really matters

I don’t know where I’ve been this past week but I certainly haven’t been ‘present’. My life has goneon as normal but ask me the details and I really couldn’t tell you. It’s a sensation similar to that of driving to a destination and having no recollection of the journey.

If you’ve experienced something similar recently, it’s likely because your daily life is essentially governed by routine: you wake up, you get dressed, you have breakfast, you go to work, you do whatever it is you do … Mostly, your existence is driven by long-established habits.


The value of these habits is they free our minds to do other things. Unfortunately, we tend not to make the most of this freedom. Instead, the spare time the mind has is largely taken up with internal chatter – mutterings about what happened yesterday or last week or what you have to do later on today or tomorrow or next weekend. This internal dialogue creates a barrier that separates us from our daily lives and stops us being involved.  If left unattended, the cacophony in our minds can lead to anxiety or dissatisfaction or a lack of fulfillment.

Photography provides an opportunity to give our minds a holiday but unless we also clear the mind of its senseless chatter our photographs will only reflect our cluttered existence. That is why, on a Magic Is Photo Safari, we teach more than just the technical aspects of photography.

We also help you to be mindful to the photo opportunities around you – to recognize each moment for what it is and connect with the land and the wildlife in a way that will not only transform your photography but possibly your everyday life as well.


Imagine, then, that it’s February and you are deep in Yellowstone National Park. The quiet is absolute.

The waist-deep snow is talcum powder-soft and the park’s ancient trees loom against the vast blue sky to create a landscape plucked straight from your wildest imagination.

The clean, crisp air, sulphur springs and pine nut-aromas unite to provide the perfect accompaniment to the natural geothermal features that are an ice age in the making. It’s an ethereal, ever shifting landscape of cryptic light and shadow that plays home to wild wolves, coyotes, bobcats, eagles, bison, foxes and elk – the perfect location to immerse yourself in nature and take a load off your mind.

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