Our Philosophy

The reason we get out of bed in the morning

Wildlife photography is not all glamour and exploration. There is other work to be done, behind the scenes and usually in an office. And honestly, when we’re stuck inside we’re in a near-constant state of anxiety, restless and prickly, looking forward to our next fix of adventure.

So, for us, photography is an escape, a way to live a more peaceful existence, which benefits not just us individually but also the people we share our lives with – the friends, family and loved ones, as well as clients, who have a stake in our every mood and behaviour. Out in the wilderness, connected with nature, we find ourselves in a more mindful state, fused with the land and the animals we encounter and much closer to being the very best people we can be.

And this is the philosophy we bring to our photo safaris because maybe, we think, that too is the reason you venture into photography: To seek serenity, not just in those isolated hours when time permits dalliances with nature but also in those moments that should be cherished most, when you’re with your partner, your children, family and friends; connections that are often obscured by the machinations of our modern world but which, when we settle long enough to reflect on who we are, define us.

Such connections are created when inner and outer events intertwine. Barriers that separate mind and matter, soul and spirit, near and far, human and animal are less solid than they appear, existing only at a superficial level. When we look more closely, we find that we’re able to peer through the impediments that isolate us to a world beyond our limited expectations, to a potential we previously thought unattainable or non-existent. Here we can imagine the unimaginable and delight in the possibility of meaningful communication with an animal, a rock or a tree.

It is difficult to describe such an experience but we can at least hope to capture these moments in an exquisite design of visual elements that we sign our name to, hang on our walls and call a photograph.