Favourite Photos – Katmai Peninsula


The last best place on Earth

Of all the places I’ve photographed over the years, the place I’ve photographed the most and the place I most look forward to going back to is Katmai National Park in Alaska.

Every year, around August time, the normally solitary brown bears drop their territorial guard and gather in the bays and inlets of the Katmai peninsula, ready for the annual salmon run. 

This wildlife spectacle is a photographer’s paradise as bears of all shapes and sizes, from dominant males to mothers with spring cubs, share their space with humans.


The visual power of monochrome

In the same way our senses of hearing, taste, touch and smell are dulled by our primary sense – vision – colour is the overpowering element in visual design. Close your eyes and you will start to hear sounds you were previously unaware of because vision is no longer taking precedence.

The same applies in photographic composition. Remove colour and the other elements of design – line, shape, pattern and texture – are given room to breathe. When texture is a key element of the composition, as it is, for me, with the bears of Katmai, shooting in monochrome enables me to express this more clearly in the final print.


Camera: Fujifilm X-T2
Lenses: Fujinon XF 100-400mm, XF 50-140mm and XF 16-55mm