Spirit of Adventure

Stories from the bush ... and beyond

“As a professional wildlife photographer, working in some of the remotest regions and harshest environments, you come to expect that nothing will go to plan. On one of my early assignments, I arrived at Kualanamu airport in northern Sumatra to find no sign of my guide or transport. After waiting an hour, I hailed a cab to drive me the 50-miles to my camp in Bukit Lawang. Halfway into the journey, the driver had to stop because the road had split in half and there was a 2-foot drop between us and the other side. I made it to camp several hours late, having paid a surcharge to the driver to fix his suspension.

“On another occasion, in the Congo, I had to stay three days in a run down hotel with France 24 the only TV channel I could tune into, all because the pilot of the plane I was due to catch couldn’t be fussed to get out of bed. In total, I lost 4-days of photography. To make matters worse, at the end of the assignment, I missed my connecting flight to London because the internal flight I was on had to return to the departure airport because the Minister of Agriculture, who was on board, had left his car keys in a hotel.

“Honestly, I could recount a hundred tales of plans gone awry that would make you wince or cry but in the end you just have to laugh because that’s what happens when you travel wild. Irrespective of how well I prepare, the Universe has a way of intervening. And if I couldn’t see the funny side and take it in my stride, I wouldn’t be a very good wildlife photographer.”

We always prepare and organise meticulously for your holiday so that everything runs smoothly and we meet or exceed your expectations. And as is the way with adventuring in the wilds, sometimes whatever we’ve planned changes. TIA – This Is Africa– as they say in Africa (meaning, expect nothing to run as anticipated but enjoy life anyway) and in our experience it applies everywhere else too. What we ask is that you take adventuring with us to be what it is designed to be – an adventure – and go with the flow and laugh along the way, always remembering the wisdom of India: It’ll be alright in the end … and if it’s not alright now then it’s not yet the end!