It’s what I do

When I was 15-years old I lived in Boston. Not the colourful, vibrant city in New England, America, but the quiet market town in Lincolnshire, a place best known for its flat landscape and cabbages. For a young lad, it was a severe test of the imagination.

It was work experience week at school. The options weren’t good and involved some form of hard labour on a farm. At home, seeing my inner turmoil, my father asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. Without hesitation I replied, “I want to be a photo-journalist”. Why I said that, I have no idea but, with the reluctant blessing of the school, I set off on my first ever assignment.

I was 32 when I finally realised I really did want to be a photo-journalist and walked out on my career in IT sales to become a wildlife photographer. Since then, I’ve provided images to the BBC, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, and Nat Geo. I’ve written articles for most of the UK photo mags, and books for ITV and numerous publishers. I’m fortunate to be able to call myself an “award-winning” photographer, and I work with some amazing conservation groups, like UPROAR.

But most of all, I’m still deeply passionate about what I do. I love being out in the field with my camera, sharing time and space with wildlife, telling my story and theirs through the incredible medium of photography.

From cabbages to the savannah

It’s a long way from the fields of Lincolnshire to the savannhas of Africa and beyond. This is my story.

We are storytellers

This is the image that changed my photography forever. It taught me, photography is mostly about the story.

Photographer, Writer, Filmmaker

Since 2001, wildlife photography has been a full-time part of my life. Much has changed in that time. Film has become digital, photography has become multi-media. I embrace it all. I love telling stories and I’m happy doing that with a stills camera, a pen or via a film or documentary. They are my tools. The story is my “Why”.

Tutor & Leader

One of my greatest pleasures as a photographer is seeing enthusiasts developing their photography and my being a part of that journey. I love to teach. I believe the more people there are out there making great images, the more photography becomes a part of the global conversation.


I have a vested interest in our planet and the environment. Forests, woodlands, grasslands and tundras, deserts and oceans and seas – they are my “office”. I feel compelled to protect them, in whatever way I can. My skill is visual communication, so I use my camera to educate and inform with the aim of provoking action.